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2019 B/HAP Conference

The goal of the B/HAP Conference is to reduce health disparities across the Southern Region of the United States by promoting health equity and improving leadership capacity among sexual minorities and members of the GLBT community.

True Leadership

We believe in bringing together past, current and future leaders to engage in conversation and strategic planning.

Improving Health

The overall goal is to ensure members of the Beloved Community have a plan to be healthy, vibrant and strong.

Displaying Verity

We hold true to the principle and belief that LGBTQ Communities of Color have value, worth and purpose.

Unifying Community

We are stronger together than apart. We are intentional about bringing all the facets of community together to build community.

Ballroom • House • Pageant


a place where LGBTQ people come together as a unit or family.
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an organized group of LGBTQ community members and their allies.
PHOTO CREDIT: Ballroom Throwbacks


a competition where trophies, prizes and cash are awarded to the winners.
PHOTO CREDIT: Ballroom Throwbacks

Abounding Prosperity, Inc. hosts the 8th Annual Southern Regional Ball/House and Pageant Communities Conference on Health Disparities and Leadership September 26-29, 2019 in Dallas, Texas.
The focus this year is to expand the work done in the previous seven years since we started to look closely at how we mobilize community stakeholders, government and those concerned about the future of Black LGBTQ communities throughout the Southern Region and the rest of the United States.

Our theme: "Collectively Celebrating Our Cultural Contributions!" represents the work to be done around honoring and celebrating the contributions made to improve the health of LGBTQ Communities of Color.

Join us in Dallas, Texas as we embark upon new conversations, experiences and lessons about how we can fulfill our obligation to those who came before us.The only one responsible for defining our future will be those in the room.


Sheraton Suites Market Center Dallas





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